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10 Free Directory Listings Every Small Business Must Be Listed On

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Google+ & Google My Business

Use this tool to introduce yourself online. This is a great place to share what your company does and how it can benefit potential clients.

Bing Local

While the Bing search engine is not used as frequently as Google, the Bing Places listing is still valuable. The more search engines on which you are listed, the better.

Yahoo! Local

This is another great search engine tool that helps clients find you. Customers can leave reviews, search using maps, and browse by category.

Angie’s List

There are a couple of different ways to gain new clients with Angie’s List. Not only can you list your business and receive great feedback from satisfied customers, but you can also post deals and specials through Angie’s List. Customers can buy these deals right from the site.

Apple Maps Connect

This directory listing enables business owners to add information, hours of service and links to their site, Yelp, and social media. It’s a great way to draw in customers who are looking for a business in their area.

Is Your Business Visible?

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When people look for businesses on Yelp, they know they’ll find helpful reviews as well. Not only should you list your business on Yelp but also ask clients to leave reviews for others to read. This is a great tool for potential clients to see positive feedback about you and your business.


Most everyone has a Facebook account so this is a great place to reach a large audience. With ads and updates, your business events and promotions will be seen by many.


With this directory listing service, you can not only list your company, but also manage your listings and never miss an opportunity to connect with potential clients. You’ll also be able sign up for priority listing on Google.


This is a unique directory listing opportunity for your potential clients to not only find you, but to leave reviews and earn points for those reviews toward cash and rewards. You can also post deals on City Search.


If you are a restaurant or entertainment venue owner; you’ll definitely want to register with Foursquare! Users can enter what they like and find places to match. They can also check in on Facebook using Foursquare, which will introduce their friends to your business.

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