4 Types Of Social Media Content To Make Your Restaurant Unforgettable

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With practically the whole wide world on social media these days, it makes sense that a business would be using it as a platform for advertising. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, etc. provide a way for you to share your business with others and for them to share with their contacts also. Content is key in your success with social media. Here are some ideas of the types of content you should be sharing.


Introducing a new item to your menu? Snap a photo and post it to your social media pages! Make sure you include unique hashtags and the link to your website. Photos of staff members and guests (with permission) create a sense of familiarity and will draw people in.

Videos Hosted On YouTube, Instagram & Facebook

A 15 to 30 second video uploaded to Instagram gives an even more personal glimpse into your restaurant. Maybe you’ve had an event and you have a bit of video from it…upload it, utilize a unique hashtag (#) and track its progress. People enjoy watching short videos of new places they want to try and want a first person account of what to expect.

Is Your Restaurant Social?

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If you use a special process in cooking, uploading a video about the process would be interesting for your customers. For example, if you are a pizza restaurant and you have a cooking process that sets you apart, broadcast it to the world and engage with your audience.

Facebook Events

Of course if you’re having an event in your restaurant that’s open to the public, you’ll want to post this as a Facebook Event. Post as many details as you can and post often so people will see it. And of course, post photos after the event so folks will see what they missed and make sure to come to the next one!

This is a great start to your social media success. Remember that millions of people are on social media and it’s in your best interest to post content frequently.  Like to see how social media can help your restaurant grow sales?  Drop us a line and we can put together a customized solution for success.

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