5 types of landing pages to help boost your business

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Leveraging landing pages to Boost Your Business

Landing pages are a valuable but often underutilized tool in a marketer’s arsenal. By carving out dedicated landing pages and channeling relevant site traffic to their unique content and overall experiences, brands can maximize relevancy, boost consumer engagement and, ultimately, build a deep, long-lasting affinity among core audience segments.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But before you dive in head first, it’s important to understand the different types of landing pages and their core capabilities and competencies. Given the proliferation in relatively new digital extensions and platforms — think mobile, social, ecommerce and more — focus your efforts on goal-specific landing pages, versus trying to force a one-size-fits-all process and format. By using more targeted executions you’ll be able to give your brand the best possible leg up, and ensure a smooth, seamless transition from prospect to engaged visitor to buyer to long-term loyalist. Here’s what’s out there and how to use it to your advantage…

Product detail landing pages

Product detail landing pages are also popular PPC tactics, enabling brands to connect prospective consumers to targeted content and promotions. These can be particularly valuable if your brand sells products or services that are very similar to one another. Because Google and other search engines factor original content into quality scores, having dozens of monogrammed bath sets, leather riding boots or microbrews, for example, could potentially keep many of your products from getting the search engine love they deserve. Creating individual product detail landing pages lets you differentiate campaigns and key products or services while promoting special, limited time and other specific offers to a targeted audience that’s responding to your PPC ad — and, as a result, is likely already positively inclined.

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Got pay-per-click ads running?

If you’re running PPC campaigns, send those prospects straight through to a lead gen landing page and convert many from passive bystander to engaged, activated user. Lead gen landing pages are simple digital destinations that drive visitors to complete a form and, with that data capture, push prospects deeper and deeper into your brand experience now or — because you have their info — in the future.

Another perk of lead gen landing pages? Utilizing them for PPC campaigns is a great way to segment your audience and keep a consistent, cohesive experience from search to destination and beyond. Each PPC call out can drive directly to a unique landing page, enabling your brand to target language, offers and calls to action (CTAs) based on the creative or content that drove them to your brand. That makes future segmenting, targeting and follow up communication very easy, even for companies that don’t allocate significant resources to optimization and personalization.

A landing page that’s…designed for product launches

A click-through landing page is one of the most powerful when it comes to a new product launch. These straightforward pages use simple design and content paired with a powerful and clear-cut CTA to drive visitors further down the sales funnel.

Typically click-through landing pages have no form but, instead, tout information, specs and other details about the launch product or service. As potential consumers dig into the page they, ideally, become increasingly engaged…and then — BOOM! — they reach the CTA to learn more or, even, to add to cart. Have a product that’s not on shelves yet? Make your CTA a sign up to get additional information and launch announcements — easy as that. Alternatively, consider leveraging a lead gen landing page and cull contacts to use in the coming weeks and months as your product gets closer to launch.

Another powerful destination? Viral landing pages. These “share-to-win”-style platforms encourage and entice visitors to organically get the word out about your landing page and, in turn, reward them for the boost. These integrated landing pages typically include short, engaging content along with a lead gen form and push to share and socialize. With a quick click or two visitors can post content to their own social media profiles and platforms or, potentially, email or text links to friends, relatives and other contacts.

The value of a viral landing page for a new launch can be massive. By leaning on your target audience to drive positive, organic word-of-mouth you’re activating and mobilizing a limitless group of authentic brand advocates who, in most cases, have hundreds or even thousands in their own extended network.

Landing pages that…targets key consumer segments with targeted content and offers

Microsite landing pages have fast become go-to solutions for brands looking to target specific content, messaging and promotions to key audience segments. These interactive digital destinations enable brands to connect targeted customers with specific information, by bringing relevant content to the forefront. By amplifying what’s most important to these segments — think themed articles, potentially relevant products and services, and other content-driven experiences — you’re teeing them up for a more positive, relevant experience that encourage long-term affinity and ongoing engagement. Unlike traditional landing pages, microsites may have multiple pages, depending on the nature of the content you’re conveying. Granted, they aren’t “mini” versions of your site but, instead, curated journeys designed to appeal to specific audience segments’ wants and needs.

Microsites are also unique in that they lean less on powerful CTAs and drives-to-buy and, instead, focus more on the brand experience. Because of this, many companies use landing pages to test drive new content strategy, A/B test promotions and pilot general user flow processes without risking core site traffic.

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Another must-have: mobile strategy landing pages

This one can’t be categorized by its unique benefits because, really, it has infinite applications and upsides: it’s the mobile landing page. Even if your site is fully responsive, mobile landing pages are essential, especially if your brand targets a younger, always-on customer.

So what’s the difference between a strong landing page and a compelling mobile landing page? Lots — and most is rooted in the fact that users are coming to it from their mobile devices. Headlines on mobile landing pages should be short with clear, direct CTAs and buttons that don’t require much pinching or zooming to easily tap. Ideally, your product or brand message and that CTA all appear in the same immediate view — if content has to go below the fold, make sure it’s easily to access and navigate.

Another must-have? A short, easy to complete form, if yours is a lead gen or ecommerce page. If pages are too difficult to navigate on the small screen — think drop down menus, multiple links or hard-to-hit buttons — consumers will abandon your landing page…and that means you’re leaving loads of ROI on the table.

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