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5 email marketing strategies to boost sales for your dealership

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When you’re considering marketing to current and potential customers don’t overlook the power of an email. If you’re using traditional paper mailing, you may want to reconsider. Here are a few reasons you should be using email marketing to reach your customers.

Save Time & Money

Email marketing is a much faster and easier way to reach many clients at once. Spending time formatting, printing and mailing a direct mail piece would cost valuable time and money that you could save by using email.

Personalize Your Message

When a customer buys or shows interest in a vehicle, you can personalize their emails accordingly. Make sure they know that you take an interest in what they are looking for and that you are grateful for their purchase.

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Reach More Customers

Your customer will be more likely forward an email to a friend or share with them on social media than they are to hand them a flyer they received from you. You stand to reach many more people electronically than the old-fashioned way of mailers.

Track User Feedback

Customers have the option of clicking through an email to your site and looking around. You can keep track of what they look at and then personalize your emails accordingly.

Communicate More Frequently

Email is very quick and flexible. Television and Radio spots require extensive planning and the messaging isn’t able to change on a dime. Direct Mail pieces take time. In the time that it takes to prepare and send a mailer, you could email everyone on your list and begin to benefit from it.

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