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4 Social Media Accounts Your Law Firm MUST Have

In Advertising, Social Media by @cobblemedia

It goes without saying that nearly everyone over the age of 13 who has access to the internet has a social media account of some type. And they spend a lot of time perusing those social media outlets. Doesn’t it make sense that your law firm should be participating in these engaging forms of advertising? Here are the top 4 social media accounts you should have and why.

What is the Pantone Color Matching System?

In Advertising, Graphic Design by @cobblemedia

The Pantone Color Matching System or “PMS” is a color matching system popularized by the global printing industry. PMS has enabled designers, publishers and printers to ensure accurate spot colors—by, simply, specifying a Pantone name or number, everyone involved in the printing and production process is guaranteed to be using and seeing the exact same color and tone. This has become particularly important, as design has moved almost exclusively to digital platforms. Colors can appear obscured or otherwise altered, washed out or pixelated from computer monitor to monitor, making it impossible to precisely gauge the exact tone on screen.