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Education Marketing: Time To Educate Your Target Audience

Whether your school is a cutting-edge innovator, extracurricular leader or athletic powerhouse you should be shouting it from the rooftops! Cobblestone Marketing’s proven education marketing strategies are designed to put your school front-and-center for the students, parents, community leaders and media insiders who matter most. Give your school a competitive edge while drumming up attention, support and positive word-of-mouth with integrated marketing strategies that deliver real results fast.

Education Marketing: Fundraising

Shifts in budgets and educational needs has forced virtually every school to go launch fundraising initiatives throughout the year. No matter why you’re raising funds — renovations, supplies, trips or scholarships — Embracing creative fundraising strategies will ensure your message gets in front of the donors who can get you funded fast. These targeted initiatives will catapult your efforts to the forefront with less out of pocket and greater impact than ever before.

Education Marketing: Teacher Recruitment

Great teachers make a great school — and your website is the ultimate opportunity to connect with those trendsetting educators who will propel your school to the next level. Optimize your website and content to enhance your positioning among teachers and drive increased recruitment all year long. Cobblestone’s targeted marketing strategies will be custom-developed with your school’s unique needs, budgets and timelines in mind, ensuring you connect with A+ teachers across all platforms.

Education Marketing: Student Recruitment

Today’s students have more choices than ever when it comes to their education. Whether yours is a private school, public school system or specialize charter school, you’ve got to ensure you’re capturing the attention of your core audience 24/7 — no matter where they are, how they gather information or what drives them to engage. Cobblestone’s comprehensive recruitment strategies are designed with schools like yours in mind and connect your target students with the info, insights and the access they need to make the right decision…the decision to choose your school!


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