How To Deal With Negative Reviews On Social Media

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We’ve all read them. The nasty comments on someone’s social media site. Harmful, hurtful statements written with the intent to slander. These are hard to stomach when they’re on your personal site, but when they’re on your business site, they could be life or death to your company. What is to be done? How can you gracefully handle such comments? Here are a few tips for dealing with negative reviews and responses on your business’s social media.

1. Address negative reviews quickly.

The sooner you deal with it the better. It shows initiative and quick thinking on your part. And you will let the commenter know you are not to be bullied.

2. Acknowledge the reviewer in order to show that you are a real person and care about their feelings.

This will go far in your dealings with complaints and hopefully in diffusing their frustrations.

3. Take the conversation offline as quickly as you can.

If you have their email address or phone number, take the time to contact them and deal with their concerns.

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4. Bring a human element into the situation.

Let them know you understand their complaint and will rectify the situation as quickly as you can. Also let them you know appreciate their honesty in helping you be a better business.

5. Beware the trolls.

The internet is full of them and they want to draw you into their traps. Ignore their comments and continue to address the original commenter only.

6. Remove the comments if they begin to breach social media rules.

Do not allow them to verbally bully you. You don’t want to get into an internet shouting match for potential and current customers to see. Discontinue the discussion and move on.

7. Set up alerts so you are notified when someone mentions your company online.

This will take the guess work out of looking for negative (and positive) comments and you can see them easily.

Negative reviews happen even to the best of us. Address them, rectify the issue and move on. Follow the steps above and the negative reviews will be no worry at all.

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