Brand Storytelling

How Are You Telling Your Story?

Storytelling…not just for the kids’ bedtime anymore!

It’s an age old marketing question. Why do some brands stand out more than others? What is that secret that makes their audience connect with them? Makes them memorable? Creates strong brand loyalty?

It’s good storytelling!

In the digital age, winning the marketing game is all about cutting through the noise and the clutter and getting an audience to connect with your brand – and the best way to do that is with brand storytelling. Humans are naturally drawn to stories because they elicit emotion – and emotion sells. Studies show positive emotions toward a brand have far greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments based on attributes.

So, let me guess…you’re probably working day and night to build a successful business, aren’t you? You have probably already found that it’s not enough to just rely on your great offer and your good service to succeed. You need something more.

You need to tell good stories.

You need to differentiate your business. You need to stand out. And good stories are the best way to do that. Because people always remember a good story. A great story that personifies your brand will position your business in the eye of the customer in a lasting (and profitable!) way.

Brand Storytelling

Marketing Strategy

Imagery and perception inform our beliefs. Branding taps into that. How does your brand make your audience feel? Does that line up with how you want them to feel about you? The messaging and visual elements that are your brand must work to inspire your customers, clients and stakeholders. Successful branding tells a story about your company that ultimately converts brand awareness into brand loyalty.

Brand Storytelling

Analytics & Market Research

We are really big on numbers. Our results are measurable, and because we use analytics throughout the process to gauge results in real time, we can constantly improve user experience. In the beginning data gives us a better understand of the market landscape, and our clientsu2019 place in it. During the campaign we use reporting to make we are reaching our audience, and we are nimble enough to adjust on the fly when it isnu2019t. And when it is over our reporting can show real, quantifiable return on investment.

Brand Storytelling

Branding Strategy

Sometimes what you say is not nearly as important as how you say it. At Cobblestone, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of media needs. From lead generation to digital and social media marketing to traditional advertising tactics, we can put together a media strategy to find and grow your audience. Whether it is a large multi-media campaign or smaller targeted projects, weu2019ll help turn your business problems into solutions.

So what constitutes a good brand story?

Customer Must Be Your Focus

A good story is always about the customer. In essence, the customer is the hero of your story. The customer starts with problem that they can’t solve. And they need help solving this problem. Enter your company! You are the guide who can help them conquer their challenge. You have a plan that works.

Tell Your Complete Story

If your business is going to succeed, it has to be something more than your products or services. Your marketing has to include clearly defined brand narratives that touch the hearts of your customers. And once you define your customers obvious path to success, by choosing you over your competitor, you give them a clear call to action.

Connect With Your Audience

So what is the human element of your specific brand? Think about what connects you to your customer. Who are the heroes or the characters that play a role in your brand story? What are their unfulfilled desires that get fulfilled by your brand? Once you find the human element of your brand, you can start to envision how your company or product can make people’s lives better and craft your story around that.

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