6 ways to grow your business with email marketing

Updated March 29, 2020

Are you getting the most from your email list?

Email marketing is powerful, and it’s easy to see why. Nearly four billion people—more than half of the planet—will be using email by the start of 2019, with hundreds of billions of messages sent daily. And, given the rise in data capture and optimization capabilities, brands of all sizes and scopes can quickly and easily package the right messages for the right audiences at the exact right time, maximizing every “send.” In other words, we’re in an email marketing universe and, to stay competitive, your brand needs to dive right in.

So the next question: how to maximize the email marketing opportunities swirling around the small business landscape? First, gut-check where you are—or aren’t—with your efforts. Then, focus on these six core growth opportunities tied to email marketing to ensure you’re hitting the mark with every click and every campaign.

Email Marketing Builds Relationships

Email is an optimal platform for creating and deepening customer relationships. By creating targeted, welcoming and succinct messages packed with overt value—i.e. a relevant offer for that consumer or a special deal for new opt-ins—recipients will be eager to click on your email each time a new message lands in their inbox.

Even though lists can grow to epic proportions, tapping into simple audience segmentation and personalized outreach your list will never feel like a random customer but, instead, like a close friend. The more you can spark those warm and fuzzies, the better relationships you’ll build—and the more conversions you’ll drive as a direct result.

Email Marketing Drives Brand Awareness

People check email constantly throughout the day, especially if they’re office-bound—think about the constant dings and pings from 9-to-5, signaling the latest inbox entrant. While, yes, cutting through the clutter can be a challenge, if you’ve built a relationship with your list your messages are more likely to be spotted. And when they do? By simply being front-and-center when consumers scan their messages, you’ll drive immediate brand recognition and awareness, a powerful one-two punch when that customer is primed to buy.

Email Marketing Optimizes Content Promotion

Got a great new blog? A brand video that’s just wrapped? An infographic you know is ready for primetime? Email is a simple, effective and low-cost way to get your latest and greatest into relevant hands. No matter what you have at the ready, prepare a simple, succinct email to your list and start sharing. Be sure to include links for one-click social sharing and “forward to a friend” capabilities to help your message generate even more engagement.

Email Marketing Supports Lead Generation

One of the simplest forms of lead generation is getting consumers to opt-in to be part of your list. Think about it: all you need to market via email is a valid email address. While other data points—name, location and interests, for example—are a win, if you get nothing more than an email address, you’re in business.

So how to get those emails? By upping the ante on your lead gen overall. Offer up some high value content to any user who provides a valid email. Link to a PDF white paper, video how-to or other special offer users can get instantly...if they provide an email. By exchanging one piece of valuable content for another, you’ll no doubt rack up the opt-ins and generate a new audience to connect with now and and in the future.

Email Marketing is Ideal for Product Marketing

Like content promotions, email is a perfect way to promote your products, services and special offers. Whether it’s a new launch, upcoming sale or reasons your list needs to buy NOW, craft a quick, benefit-rich email and send it off. Thanks to the turnkey tracking and optimization tools in the marketplace, you’ll be able to instantly see what your list responds to and what they don’t, enhancing and improving future campaigns from “go.”

Email Marketing Helps Nurture Leads

Deliver actionable, high value content to your list and they’ll feel it—and that’s powerful. The better you can nurture your leads by helping them excel in business and in life, the more they’ll want to engage with you, your brand and your content. From this position of power, you’ll build long-term advocacy and affinity, creating an audience of active consumers who are always ready to take that next step with you without the heavy lifting.