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How We Work.

More and more consumers crave personalized experiences, with curated content, recommendations and experiences that meet their needs, lifestyles and real-time wants. Cobblestone approaches its strategy and content-development sessions with an eye firmly planted on key data points emerging from your site, from traffic to time spent to customer profiles. The end result is a savvy, user-friendly digital experience across all platforms, that draws consumers further and further into your brand and encourages long-term advocacy and affinity.


We start by getting to know you. By asking questions about your products, services, customers and goals, we get a better understanding of how your company fits into the bigger picture. We look at your competition, examine strengths and weaknesses, and analyze market data to find trends and insights. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes and ears brings about a whole new perspective. Sometimes it just gets us up to speed on you, your brand and your business. Either way, the discovery process creates a common knowledge that fuels everything else we do.


Once we are done listening, we take all that research and break it down. We look into user experience, best practices in the industry and customer response. We mold the information we’ve gathered and our thoughts on it all into the best path forward – a plan that recognizes where your brand is now, and where we want to take it.


Here’s where the magic happens. We take the plan and get together and think big about it. We talk it through. We tear it all up then hammer things out. It’s a giant collaborative brainstorm that generates ideas. Those ideas are collected, collated and weaved into a content narrative around the future of your brand and your business. We started with a challenge. Now we have a solution.


At this stage we turn ideas into action. Media buys are placed and campaigns and aps are launched. Websites go live. We push content through traditional and social media and host events to generate brand awareness. We spot potential hurdles and recalibrate. In the end, the idea is only as good as the execution.


What good is a campaign if you can’t see the results? We’ll give you metrics to gauge the impact on your business, how the work is seen by your customers and where it positions you in the larger industrial landscape. Ultimately it’s our job to show you how the campaign affects your bottom line.


We never settle. Our work is always in progress. By maintaining flexibility and objectivity in our campaigns, we can use the assessment to measure our effectiveness and tweak as needed to constantly improve the work. It’s the most efficient way to keep your brand fresh and vital.

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