Restaurant Marketing

They’re Hungry—and They’re Looking For YOU.

Your restaurant’s online presence is, often, the only interaction a customer has before they make a decision on where to dine. If yours doesn’t get the job done, they’ll find a restaurant with a more appetizing digital presence—not ideal.

By the time customers start their restaurant search, purchase intent is high—they’re ready to book, ready to stop by and ready to EAT. The big question: will they find YOUR restaurant in time?

Enter our Restaurant Marketing experts. For many years, we’ve been helping local restaurants get in the marketing mix, with comprehensive, budget-friendly marketing packages that don’t just drive diners but inspire long-term loyalists—the kind of customers who keep coming back over and over and over again. They’re the customers you want in your seats, and with our targeted restaurant marketing packages, they’re the customers we deliver.

Listings That Deliver Diners

The online go-to for restaurant results and reviews? Local directory listings—and more often than not, they’re wrong.

For the typical restaurant, nearly 60% of online listings aren’t accurate—think incorrect addresses, bad phone numbers, old menus or reviews that are misrepresentative or misplaced. Send potential diners to those listings and chances are you won’t be seeing—or seating—them anytime soon. Because, for more than half of mobile searches, conversion occurs within one hour. That means they aren’t searching again or researching alternative options. They’re searching, clicking and taking action—and you need those actions to be right.

Cobblestone’s local listings team will analyze your listing presence, updating incorrect info, providing added intel and optimizing your directory entries, ensuring you’re found more often—and ensuring when those hungry customers find you, they actually find you.

Restaurant Mobile App Development

More than 90% of time spent on the mobile web is spent in apps—and if you aren’t there, you’re missing out on your most active, most engaged and most on-the-move customers. Cobblestone’s turnkey restaurant app packages give you a powerhouse mobile presence, while boosting your brand awareness, access and overall digital footprint. Start taking mobile orders, schedule deliveries, book tables and more, all from your custom mobile app.

LEARN MORE about Cobblestone’s mobile app development for restaurants HERE.

Social Media Management

Food is social—no one knows that more than you. That’s why it’s so important restaurants leverage the power of social media to drive awareness and orders. From building your social media following to driving viral shares for your latest offers and promotions, having a robust presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more can take your restaurant to the next level—without a next level budget.

Get in touch NOW and learn more about Cobblestone Media’s fully-customizable restaurant marketing packages, including targeted digital, social and app packages. Designed to build your following and drive more patrons, more order and more success, these comprehensive marketing programs will ensure you’re delivering what they crave.

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