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How to Get Google Reviews From Your Customers

Updated April 4, 2021

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Google Reviews: Tips On How To Ask Your Customers

Business used to be nearly entirely about the product or service that was being offered. A business would create their product, offer it to the masses, and if it was desired, people would buy it. 

If the product or service was high-quality and did what it was supposed to do, the customers would often buy it again. However, if it was poor-quality or didn’t provide the right results, customers would look elsewhere. 

Today’s consumers are much more discerning when it comes to the things they buy. They are no longer simply looking for a product or service, they are looking to become a loyal customer to a brand that they feel connected with and find value in. 

This is where digital marketing comes into play. There are so many incredible digital marketing tools out there for businesses to use in order to build their brand and gain conversions. From email to social media to SEO and PPC ads, digital marketing allows businesses to easily make themselves visible to their target market, as well as to show themselves as valuable and relevant. 

The goal of digital marketing is not just to get a bunch of customers. In fact, goals are more circular than flat; they create a seamless cycle of visibility, relevance, conversion, and loyalty. Many marketers and businesses tend to focus on those first three areas, yet completely forget about the fourth. 

However, done well, that fourth area has a two-fold benefit; it ensures that you are able to retain your customers, keeping them coming back to you for your products or services, and it makes them a marketer on your behalf, recommending your business to others and beginning the cycle again for the next person. 

Google Reviews

Once you have provided your customers with value, showing them that your brand is worth sticking with, you’re ready for them to start recommending your business to others. This word-of-mouth marketing is actually one of the best ways to increase your visibility and gain leads. While it’s not always easy for consumers to trust the ads and claims of the business itself, it is easy for them to trust the unbiased reviews of customers. 

Google Reviews is one of the top, most trusted review websites out there. If your business has a number of top reviews from customers on Google Reviews, you will be certain to increase your leads. 

Having great reviews on this website is beneficial for a number of reasons; it increases your visibility, shows potential clients that your business is valuable, and it can increase your search engine ranking. This is because your Google Reviews will boost your SEO, which is one of the factors that Google looks at when ranking websites on their search engine. 

Getting Google Reviews

You need Google Reviews, yet many businesses aren’t sure how to get them. Fortunately, it’s a very simple process and doesn’t require much from your customers.

In fact, as a business that is seeking reviews from your loyal customers, you can simplify the process even further to make it incredibly easy for them to leave a Google Review. Follow these steps in order to ask your customers to write a Google Review for your business:

  • Search for your business on Google.
  • When your business appears, click on the tab that says, “Write a Review.”
  • Copy the URL from the address bar once a Google Review box shows up.
  • Use a free tool such as Google URL Shortener in order to shorten the URL.
  • Copy the shortened URL and then paste it into the review request that you plan on sending to your customers. 
  • Use email or text messaging to send the link and ask your customers to leave your business a great review. 

When your customers receive your email or text message and they click the link that you sent, it will open up the Google Review box directly. They won’t need to do anything else besides write their review. This makes leaving you a review incredibly simple and convenient for your customers. 

By building up a number of great reviews, you are really building up a ton of effective marketing tools. Anytime someone is looking for a business in your industry or trying to learn about your business specifically, they’ll discover a page of loyal customers who are happy to recommend your business.