How to get more local plumbing customers

Updated August 13, 2021

Want more local plumbing customers? Use these Google Ad strategies.

Are you looking to advertise your plumbing business? Google Ads, or Google Adwords, is one of the most popular online methods to advertise your plumbing business. While traditional marketing methods like paper or mail Ads have been around for several years, a digital marketing strategy can be one of the best modern tools to utilize to attract customers to your plumbing services.

There are many benefits of utilizing Google Ads. However, the primary advantage is that Google Ads can draw in potential customers for your business and help you acquire long-term, repeat customers as well. In this article, we explain the different types of Google Ads available and how your plumbing business can utilize each specific type to win local customers and effectively market your services.

Types of Google Ads

Google Ads can be broken down into three main categories: Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, or Local Services Ads.

Google Display Ads

Plumbers sometimes use Google Display Ads to promote brand marketing. One advantage of using this type of advertising for your business is you will only pay for actual clicks. This can be a great way to get traffic to your website and thus, generate more leads. The neat thing about this is that you can still gain awareness without paying the people who view your ads without clicking on them. Google Display Ads are different in that these are generally graphics seen throughout various spots on the perimeter of the website. You may have noticed these Ads are often targeted, meaning they pop up showing something they think you may be interested in based on your search history or things similar to things that you’ve viewed.

There are a few components to note about Display Ads. Display Ads have several options, including general text display ads, image or gif ads, or responsive display. Responsive display ads create motion-activated banners about your business.

Google Search Ads

As the name implies, Google Search Ads are commonly seen when a google search is done along the top of the viewer’s screen. Search Ads generally have better outcomes than Display Ads as they can be set to come up when users search specific keywords. Google Search Ads can also be effective, although not necessarily as effective as Local Services Ads for plumbing businesses.

To optimize your Google Search Ads, there are a few key definitions to be aware of. Campaigns: A campaign is an individual business for which you create ads. You may have different campaigns for different marketing goals. For example, perhaps you’re seeking to target customers that are searching for plumbing repairs or plumbing installs. These would be created as two separate Google Ad campaigns. You may see the term “Ad Group,” which refers to ads targeting a specific portion of the market. For example, “leaking faucet.” A keyword is a phrase that is searched on Google. The term Ad refers to the actual Ad, including the text, such as “openings today.”

Google Local Service Ads

The last kind of Google Ads, known as Google Local Services Ads, is arguably the most effective type of Google marketing available for plumbers. These ads are in their own section when a person performs a google search, which makes them pop and catches the eye of searchers. It is also different from Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads, as these are paid by click. When someone is searching for plumbers or plumbers within a specific region, these ads appear on the top of the screen and highlight different plumbing companies to choose from. Having your business show up in these targeted ads can be a great way to attract customers. Your marketing costs through Local Services ads will depend not on clicks but on the number of customers that actually follow through and make contact with your plumbing business.

Why does it Work for Plumbing Businesses?

Local services ads work by having plumbers pay by leads as opposed to clicks. This means that the return on investment is fairly high, as Google Ads can be used to generate high-quality leads. The neat thing about Google Ads is it will also ensure that the customers who are seeking plumbing services are within your service area.

Getting Started

We recommend starting with the proper software if you’re considering using Google Ads to promote your plumbing business. Without proper software, managing leads can be challenging. There are types of software available, known as customer relationship management software, designed to help plumbers integrate their marketing efforts through Google Ads. One commonly used CRM software among plumbing companies is called Hubspot.

Without CRM software, customers will have to call your business directly after seeing your Google Ads. At this point, all the processes involved with getting an appointment scheduled, arranging for availability, product and service notes, and other customer- related tasks will have to be managed with an internal system. This can put pressure on staffing and make things more complicated for the customer.

In a competitive industry, ensuring your plumbing business utilizes CRM software will ensure customer satisfaction and, thus, word-of-mouth referrals. CRM software can allow customers to schedule an appointment online, which is a preferred method in

today’s age. CRM software can help your business increase sufficiency and ensure a smooth process all the way from the initial content to follow-up calls and emails after a service has been completed.

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