How To Improve Your Company’s Rank On Google Maps

Updated February 4, 2022

Google Maps can be a goldmine for your company. This popular navigation tool is many people’s first choice for finding directions, researching destinations, and discovering local businesses. You can list your brand on Google Maps and enjoy free access to powerful business tools. Maps will help you reach new audiences, distinguish yourself from the competition, and drum up more business. However, your search ranking on Google Maps plays a big role in your success. The higher your search rank, the more visible you’ll be. Learn how to improve your company’s rank on Google Maps with Cobblestone Marketing’s expert tips.

1. Add Your Company On Google Maps

You need to be on Google Maps before you can rank.

Listing your brand on Google Maps is the very first step to improving your search rank. If your company isn’t already on Maps, it’s easy to add yourself. Use the following steps to see if you already have a listing.

  1. Search for your business name on Google Maps. You can use the mobile app or the desktop site for this step.
  2. If you see your company in the dropdown menu with your location, then your location already exists. Move on to the next section to learn how to claim your listing.
  3. If your company isn’t listed, click on the drop-down menu and select “Add A Missing Place.”
  4. Add your business name, address, and category to create your listing.

2. Claim Your Listing On Google Maps

Claiming your listing gives you control over the account.

Anyone can create a Google Maps listing. If your brand already has a listing but you didn’t create it, that means that another Google user added you to Maps. These initial listings only contain basic information. You need to claim your listing to add more details, interact with customers, and start to build your search rank.

Simply click on “Claim This Business” or “Own This Business?” to claim your Maps listing. Google will provide a series of easy ways to verify your business. You’ll need a free Google Business account to claim a listing, so make sure to create that first.

3. Add Details To Your Google Maps Listing

More information helps you stand out from the crowd.

Google lets you provide a huge amount of information through your Maps listing. Make it easy for customers to find you by adding your contact hours, email address, website, service area, products, and more.

Once you’ve claimed and verified your business listing, you can add information to your account through your Business dashboard. Click on the Info tab on the left side of the page and update your business information. Every field makes it easier for users to understand your services and also helps your search ranking, so add as much detail as possible.

4. Add Photos

Photos help your listing soar in the search rankings.

Photos help your business listing succeed in many different ways. You can reduce customer objections with pictures of your products, services, location, and staff. Photos let your community know what to expect so they can decide if you’re a good fit for their needs.

Pictures also help your listing perform better in Google’s search ranking. New photos tell Google that you’re an active account, which boosts your rank. Pictures from your Maps listing may also show up in local search results. This crossover effect showcases your brand to even more people.

5. Build Your Library Of Reviews

Social proof encourages users to convert.

People can leave positive or negative reviews on your Maps listing. Customers love reading reviews as they learn about your company. Brands with reviews have better search ranks than companies without reviews.

Be proactive about your reviews. Ask customers to share their thoughts, and make sure to respond. No one likes receiving complaints, but try to see negative reviews as a way to showcase your customer service skills. Thoughtful responses can help win new customers.

6. Streamline Your Listings

Merge or delete duplicate listings.

Don’t create or keep more than one listing for your business. Wrap all of your Maps listings into a single account by claiming and verifying other locations. Google doesn’t like to see multiple addresses or phone numbers listed for the same company. You can boost your ranking by removing outdated or extra listings.

7. Make Regular Posts On Google Maps

Frequent posts help improve your search rank.

Think of your Google Maps listing as another social media platform. Make regular posts to share news, updates, promotions, behind-the-scenes snippets, and more. This activity shows Google and potential customers that your company is active and ready to engage.

8. Improve Your Website Design

Many Google Maps searches happen on mobile devices.

Your website and your Google Maps listing are two different assets, but they should work together to bring in new customers. Make sure your website uses a responsive web design that works on any device. Lots of people use Google Maps when they’re on the go. Your website should offer full functionality and a pleasant user experience on mobile devices as well as desktop machines. If your site is easy for everyone to use, Google will boost your search rank.

9. Use Local Keywords On Your Site

Add relevant keywords throughout your website.

Keywords play an important role in improving your local search results. Since many people use Google Maps when they’re looking for nearby businesses, your local search rankings will help your Maps ranking. Add relevant location keywords throughout your website, including the copy, headings, image tags, page URLs, and more.

10. Add A Google Map To Your Website

Embed a Map to reinforce your listing information.

Consider adding a Google Map to your website. Embedded Maps make it easy for users to find your location while they’re exploring your services. These Maps also reinforce the details in your Maps profile. You can add a Map to your Contact, About Us, or home page. 

Find More Customers With Google Maps

Google Maps is a comprehensive navigation app that’s full of benefits. People love using Google Maps to find businesses in their area. You can reach your target audience by creating and claiming your Maps listing, then staying active on the account. Keep interacting with your community through Google Maps to bring in new, local prospects every day.