How Waze Ads Can Benefit Your Restaurant

Updated February 4, 2022

You already know Waze as the crowd-sourced app that helps you get places as easily as possible. Did you know that Waze can also help your restaurant attract new customers? Waze ads are a great opportunity to connect with people on the go. Cobblestone Marketing uses Waze ads to help eateries reach new customers, re-engage previous visitors, and promote their services. Learn more about Waze and see how Waze ads can benefit your restaurant.

What Is Waze?

Waze is a mobile app that analyzes real-time user activity to track the best travel routes. When people use Waze to go somewhere, the app considers all the possible routes. Waze then directs its users through the fastest, most efficient route. This often means heading off the beaten path. Waze sends drivers through side streets, detours, state highways, and other uncommon routes to cut down on drive time. Waze users are flexible, resilient, and open to exploring new parts of town.

What Can Waze Ads Do For Your Restaurant?

As the biggest community-sourced navigation app in the world, Waze reaches your audience when they’re not using any other platform. People don’t usually engage with content while they’re driving, except for navigation tools. Waze ads let you connect with diners during these moments. Explore the following benefits of Waze ads.

Attract More Customers

Waze users see your ads when they’re making meal decisions. You can attract potential customers and bring more diners to your restaurant with Waze.

Build Brand Awareness

Users receive Waze ads based on their daily behavior. Local users in your primary audience are exposed to your restaurant as they go about their day. This strategy boosts brand awareness even when users aren’t ready to stop for a meal.

Expand Your Reach

Waze ads help you improve your reach among local users, visitors, and tourists. These ads target people who are in your geographic area so every contact is valuable.

Waze Ads Use Data To Stay Relevant

The Waze navigation app is powered by real customer data. Waze uses location and other data to build its real-time traffic tools. This information helps Waze deliver innovative driving directions, but it also means that Waze knows where its customers are at all times. 

Location data has valuable marketing applications. Waze ads are driven by data to promote relevant services. Customers only see your ad when they’re near your location. This feature means that your ad reaches people who are ready for your services. 

Waze also uses data to predict driver choices. You can reach customers at the most important times of their day. Whether users are near your location, driving to your competitors, or are simply in their cars around mealtime, Waze ads can make a difference. 

Track your campaign’s results with Waze’s data reports. These statistics are easy to understand and clearly show how people change their behavior after seeing your promotions.

Get Cooking With Waze Restaurant Ads

Waze ads are a clever method for reaching your audience when they’re on the go. These ads let you connect with drivers while they’re running errands, looking for someplace to eat, or simply exploring your town. Contact Cobblestone Marketing today and see how to boost your sales per head with Waze advertisements.