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What Is An SEO Company?

Updated March 29, 2021

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You’ve launched your website. Hooray! Now just sit back and let Google deliver qualified leads to your electronic doorstep, right? Wrong. The internet changes every day, which means you need to be regularly updating your website to keep attracting visitors who want to buy from you. The process of “search engine optimization” (SEO) will keep your website fresh and at the top of search results. Not familiar with SEO? Don’t have the time to worry about SEO?

Not to fear. An SEO company can help your business continue to grow and increase revenue.

So, what is an SEO company?

An SEO company is a company that partners with businesses to boost their online search visibility. This will boost website traffic and sales. Their goal is to improve your business.
Just like you hire would hire a mechanic to fix your car, an SEO company will use their expertise to improve your visibility in search engines.
You’ve worked hard and developed a skill and expertise that is valuable to your customers. The same thing goes for SEO companies. They are experts in the field and want to use that expertise to help your business thrive.

Are there benefits to working with an SEO company?

In a word, yes! We have worked for years to hone our skills when it comes to making our clients’ websites the best on the internet.
In our experience, our clients have found:

  • They have more time to spend on their core business.
  • They learn more about their website and visitor habits by partnering with an expert.
  • They can discuss their ideas for website changes with an expert before implementing them.
  • They can achieve long-term growth over time.
  • They hear improved feedback from their customers about the usability of their website.

What can I expect when working with an SEO company?

While the services you get depend on your needs and goals, there are a wide variety of things that an SEO company can do for you. When thinking about working with an SEO company, here’s what you can expect:

We research your target market and analyze how well your website is reaching them.

This is the first stage of our work with you. After talking about what concerns you have and what your goals are, we take a deep dive into how well your website is working towards those goals now. We also take a look at what is working for your competitors. We research what keywords your target audience is searching for and we will let you know what results you can expect with your budget.

We will make on-page SEO changes.

After our initial research, we will start working on your website. We’ll tackle your page titles and meta-descriptions to make sure they are SEO optimized. We’ll evaluate your website’s content to make sure it’s clear, concise, and SEO friendly, meaning search engines can easily pick it up. We will recommend the right language to use when you talk about your services and value-adds so they show up in your target audience’s keyword searches.

We will make off-page SEO changes.

Once your website is up-to-snuff on the SEO front, we will venture off-site to make sure everything is leading visitors back to your site. We will investigate whether your website is earning links and mentions, and what we can do if it’s not. We’ll check the speed of your website and if your server is configured properly. We’ll also take a look at your website’s security and UX to see if those can be improved.

We will conduct experiments and tests before implementing changes.

One of the best parts of working with an SEO company is the data. We are data nerds. We love our data. We will use all the data we collect to make informed decisions on what changes to make. We will work with you to identify areas of your website where we can conduct A/B tests to compare two ideas. We will identify key calls to action that will drive visitors to take action. We will work together to identify new and upcoming areas of opportunity.