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What Is Content Marketing and Why Is It Important?

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Heard the term “content marketing” lately? This marketing trend is becoming increasingly popular with small businesses—and it’s no surprise why. Simply, “content marketing” refers to any customer-facing content on your website or social media platform. It could be blog posts, videos, slideshows or other high-value content designed to attract and engage new and existing customers. The goal of content marketing is, ultimately, to foster ongoing, incoming traffic to your site, from customers who are interested in the information you’re sharing. It could be an infographic speaking to trends in your industry, that’s utilized on other websites and blogs—and drives organic traffic back to you. Or maybe it’s an evergreen how-to guide or tutorial, helping consumers best understand and utilize your products or services—and something they refer back to over time, potentially. 

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Through content marketing you’re, ultimately, selling the expertise and knowledge of you and your company—no matter what that expertise and knowledge may be. And, by layering in effective SEO best practices, you’re creating an additional opportunity for search engine success, which can drive even greater engagement, sharing and conversion. No matter the ultimate content it’s essential it be informative, useful or, even, just enjoyable. The higher the intrinsic value of the content, the more consumers will flock to your site to experience it and, even, the more third-party sites will reference it, creating a free traffic stream of visitors already predisposed to what you have to say. And that’s powerful—that’s the new word-of-mouth! Ready to harness the power of SEO and content marketing for your business? Let’s go!

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